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“This presentation is put forth as a brief yet comprehensive overview of the history and legal structure of how we have become the indentured debt slaves of the world system. It will also integrate broader concepts of an esoteric and multi-dimensional nature that infuses the world system, unknown to most, as it follows the esoteric maxim of “Hidden in Plain Sight”. The word indenture means to attach something of value to a contract whereby the attached value becomes the bonded surety (guarantor) for the performance of the contract.”

“…world history is the story of how all the people in the world have been placed into bonded servitude, which has been established as individual indentured trusts that bond their future labor to underwrite the perpetual monetized debt system. In order for us to understand how this works within the world system, we must first set the foundation by understanding some basics about the primary systems of Law and Money.”

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