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The Esoteric Meme Guide 2019

(Currently being updated! My apologies for the delay..)

Please feel free to use The Esoteric Meme Guide for 2019. This collection is under constant update, be sure to check back often. This effort is an attempt at planting seeds with the viewers to pursue their own study on the matters presented below. You are always welcome to reach me via text or internet messenger, but please refrain from calling my mobile as it is reserved for emergency service obligations. Thanks for visiting, enjoy the journey!


911 & False Flag


Chemtrails & Weather Modification
Trivium & Education Related
Covert Government

Ancient History & Mysticism

Flat Earth


Grammeria & Symbolism

Occulted History

Occult Agenda

Patents & Technology

Trans, Eugenics and Pedo Agenda

Political Agenda

Satan Desciples the Popes