Thanks for visiting my ebiz! I designed it to be run off my iphone, more importantly I designed it to be scalable so if someone came across this website they too can replicate this model. With that in mind, lets explore these concepts.

  • Develop an online strategy that can be automated
  • Build sustainable, consistent pay streams
  • Work in familiar subject matter, field of expertise
  • No investment or experience required

The future of the online market place is certain, and growing. This business has been created to leverage the technology of the online landscape. It can be operated from your smart phone, simply by harvesting relevant information, repackaging it for your audience, and sharing utilizing a variety of technologies.

Affiliate marketing has been a draw to many in the last decade because it has the potential to be very lucrative with very little vested interest. This low risk, high reward business structure is ideal for today’s challenging economy. It capitalizes on market changes, and utilizes technology to keep everyone up to date and plugged in via their iphone or android smartphone. Most importantly the whole affiliate marketing business is basically virtual, but its resulting yield very tangible. Many people are now coming on board with the idea of earning an income online, because that is where the future is trending. The most difficult bridge to cross for someone new to the environment is entirely conceptual.

The clear advantage of being able to run your business from your phone, passively, with little or no overhead cannot be overstated.

Smart device integration into life has put global capabilities into the hands of masses, very few people understand the capabilities of their smartphone. Taking advantage of technology by manipulating it to do what we want can be very rewarding. Content, code, communication are the triple C’s of bringing traffic to your ebiz and your phone is your point of interaction.

Marketing online is constantly evolving, leaving alot of room for growth. The webs shear vastness makes opportunity for anyone willing to explore it. Just compare it to any sport, to effectively leverage your position you have to know all the possible moves of each player in the field. The power of knowledge is your greatest strength on and offline. Good information leads to successful expansion of time, our most precious resource.

Leverage is gained by unique approaches to current methodologies. The reason most people fail at affiliate marketing is because they are poorly informed. They simply just don’t know what to do because they are overwhelmed by all the possibilities, and without knowing which ones to spend time on they find themselves wasting time with no returns. If your interested at approaching affiliate marketing like a PRO, you need a experienced resource in your corner. And that’s why I’m here, to show you in granular detail every step of every position within the current market place. And that’s why I want you to sign up for my newsletter, I’m going to detail every technique that I personally use as well as strategies anyone can use right now. That’s right, I’m going to peel back the layers of the online market environment giving even the most inexperienced end user the leverage to succeed. I just changed the odds in your favor, sign up below so I can expose the internets best secrets.

Marketing Techniques & Strategies


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So, now your ready to make money online. My current affiliate offer is with Ewen Chia’s Autopilot Profits. It encompasses all the major points I look for when selling a product, it’s low cost, and it specifically designed to be profitable for novice marketers. The information is easy to understand and immediately deploy for your own marketing campaigns.
The package reveals relevant marketing strategies, which ensure a successfull campaign. Making money online has never been easier before. Take the next step, go to the website and start the process of one hand washes the other. This product is specifically designed to immediately positon you to start earning money as an affiliate marketer. As with any new enterprises you will face unfamiliar challenges but Ewen’s program has you covered. His attention to important details is instrumental in the design of a good marketing campaign. Your literally just hours away from making your first sale online, using only your smartphone. Click the image link below to get forwarded to my favorite opportunity, your evolution starts now!


Researching unwritten mankind history has been a hobby I have been deeply immersed in. I’ve been sorting thru information for over two decades, researching and experimenting online and off. The amount, and the detail of all the information I have uncovered have always eluded to conclusive evidence. I discovered many stories that although plausible, were very much a stretch of the imagination as no evidence could be confirmed. Much of the information, had some truths, half truths, and just outright lies. Clarity would not come out of any single piece of document, nor could a single piece of document be held as evidence as it contained much speculation. However, this all changed in 2008 when a single piece of documentation went into the public domain, posing as a work of fiction. This incredible story fills all the gaps in my research without further need for speculation. Normally, this information could be dismissed as fiction if I did not have over a decade of supportive documentation. I realize now that my journey to find the truth has been fueled not by discovery, but by responsibility to share it with mankind. Get your copy of the original interview.


Here’s what I want you to do for yourself. Think about your interests, think about what you like to talk or read about. Whether your an aspiring photographer or tennis player you are immersed in your field, in constant search to learn more and develop your experience. Even if your a clerk at the market place, you have dreams, you have things that occupy your time. This business model rewards imagination, the wider your field of view the more diversified your ebiz portfolio. If you are in pursuit of any interests, your passions are hungry for knowledge and information pertinant in your endeavours. This business is designed to be about you! The task of an marketer could not be easier, chase down trending information in a selected field or subject, harness information found, share information using business development strategies. You decide who you share with, what you share, and how you share. The marketing strategies that I have developed are just a combination of already existing methods, all working cooperatively presenting itself to potential customers.

You notice anything yet? Complete transparency, are you starting to see how to make this work for you? All you have to do is create content that finalizes in web transaction on your website. You create content with posts on media sites, engaging in online communities and contributing relevant content. You will create business pages for your site and upload content that you enjoy reading as well as writting about. There are literally a million ways to bring someone to your website at no capital expense and I’m going to show you how. Sign up to my newsletter so I can share my marketing strategies with you via email. That way you can read, test out my methods, start setting up your ebiz, all completely free.


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